Shrink Wrapping House

Packaging Materials

With more than a decade of experience in the packaging industry, the professionals at Shrink Wrapping House will work with you to determine the best packaging materials for your products. We can supply your company with custom laminate film, shrink and shrink bundling film, blisters and clamshells, roll bags and wicket bags, stand up pouches, folding cartons, labels and ink. To help you ship your products, we supply shipping cases, case sealing tape, strapping material, corner boards and stretch film.

We supply all types of vertical form fill seal film, including simple single layer polypropylene or polyethylene film for a range of bagged products. We also supply custom multi-layer, printed, barrier film for retail food products.
With the perfect film, automatically weigh and package your products with a high-speed vertical form fill seal bagging system. Ideal for food packaging, full color process printed multi-layer laminate film with high barrier properties for nitrogen flushing can be used to extend shelf life and preserve freshness.

Whether you run a packaging line, shipping dock, warehouse, or all of the above, you are using taping materials. For securing products to be shipped, tape's usefulness cannot be understated. Available as pressure-sensitive or water-activated adhesive, hand or machine applied, plastic or paper backed, our tape's high adhesion and tensile strength provide reliable seals in any environment.
Our high-performance packaging tape has five different varieties of tensile strength. These tapes have the highest shear strength in the case sealing industry. Even in the most demanding environments, our purpose-built tapes will seal, stick, and hold your cartons and cases.

We offer a broad range of corrugated products from regular slotted containers , to unique container shapes, to special reinforced structures - all using high-quality corrugated materials designed to protect, ship, store, and display your products. Corrugated material is extremely durable, and versatile. It can be easily die cut and printed for custom product packaging and point-of-purchase displays. The many types of corrugated board, with different flute sizes and thicknesses, can be matched to your product's specifications. Corrugated fiber board also has the added advantage of being recyclable. Whether you need a plain brown box or a full color custom retail package, our team of material experts can help you package products for shipping with the greatest efficiency, and display them with an exciting retail presence.